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Spotlight On: PI-Dashboard

Our flagship product, PI‑Dashboard, connects research stakeholders by increasing safety and efficiency, streamlining submission and approval, and enhancing customer service for researchers.Pidimac

Its paperless registration management is both secure and accessible, which saves you time, money, and space — and gets research online faster.

PI‑Dashboard consolidates Health and Safety data into a user-specific view where all systems and materials can be accessed from any Internet connection. Its all-inclusive research registration and amendment forms include imbedded help options and automatic data edits to ensure completeness before submission, reducing Health and Safety workloads.

PI‑Dashboard’s powerful workflow engine streamlines approvals by instantaneously posting submitted forms in the Biological Safety Officer’s queue. PIs receive immediate notification of approvals in their Dashboard to speed beginning work.

PI‑Dashboard empowers PIs to track and manage biosafety-related activity more effectively so they can focus on research. PI-Dashboard’s registration form is based on a detailed understanding of biosafety workflows. It enables PI’s to manage disparate data about their facilities, staff, research materials, and interactions with internal and external organizations in a personalized, intuitive display.

Sound cool?  Email us for more information on PI-Dashboard in your organization!


Improving Your Organization's Safety in the New Year

Did your organization resolve to be safer in 2014?  Are you mystified about what can be done to reach that goal?  There are four key steps in managing and preventing accidents in your workplace.

1. Tracking

Being diligent about tracking every accident in a detailed manner can pay off.  The more information you collect, the more you can analyze trends and prevent reoccurrence.  Our post on The Anatomy of a Workplace Investigation provides detailed guidance on what your organization should be tracking for each accident report.

2. Evaluating

After all of the information about the accident has been collected, safety personnel should evaluate the incident.  Look at it from a broader view, notice what event or string of events led to the accident.  Seek out connections.

3. Understanding

To be useful, accident reports need to be fully understood by safety personnel and the safety management.  Is there any way that the accident could happen again?  Was the injured/ill worker at complete fault?  Was this just a total fluke?  If there is even a slim chance that the accident could happen again, begin to understand what types of preventive measures could be taken to avoid reoccurrence.

4. Implementing

Once you have concrete preventive measures or policy changes decided upon, figure out the best way to implement them.  Maybe it's fixing something, or possible it's just an education issue.  Be clear and specific about what needs to be done to prevent future accidents and thoroughly implement it.

HealthRx's Workplace Injury and Illness Manager takes the difficulty out of accident tracking, evaluating, understanding, and implementing. Click here to learn more!


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Dr. Patrick Vandersluis is our founder and leader here at HealthRx. He spends much of his time learning about and researching cardiology, bioengineering, medical informatics, and health IT. Someday he plans to write a novel that has nothing to do with any of those things. In his little free time, he enjoys cooking, home improvement, and the awesome show How It’s Made.

Dr. Kelly Morgan is our Director of Marketing and Communication. She’s a health communication researcher, adjunct professor, and a fitness instructor outside of HealthRx. Kelly has also been fixin’ to finish writing a novel for the last five years, but prefers talking about it to doing it. She also enjoys party stores, ghost stories, fashion mags, The Simpsons, and ginger tea. Holler at Kelly on e‑mail, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.

Eric Morgan is our Director of Advanced Technologies. He specializes in iPad development, but willingly dabbles in less exciting “hacking” as well. In his spare time, Eric brews beer and occupies Micro Center. Eric loves sci-fi, fast cars, Batman, and fancying himself as an ancient alien astronaut theorist. Transmit geeky messeges to Eric via e‑mail Eric or LinkedIn.

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