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Spotlight On: PI-Dashboard

Our flagship product, PI‑Dashboard, connects research stakeholders by increasing safety and efficiency, streamlining submission and approval, and enhancing customer service for researchers. Its paperless registration management is both secure and accessible, which saves you time, money, a...

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Implementation and Support

Although our solutions are ready to use out of the box for many organizations, sometimes you just need a change here and there to meet your organizational workflow requirements.  HealthRx offers a full range of pre-install, implementation, and support services to enhance your product experience.  We can supplement your team in strategic planning, deployment, fine tuning, training and software development.

Working with HealthRx means using only the services you need. We work with you to develop the most cost-effective plan to get the most out of your product investment. 

Our implementation, service, and training personnel are all familiar with more than just our products: they also understand best practices in secure development and deployment and can help you to make the right decisions to keep your organization, your employees, and your patient data safe.

We will work with you to ensure that you get easy access to the information you need without creating weaknesses that you can't afford.

Software Services

    • System interface development - Whether it's from your Active Directory or to your training system, from your LIS to your billing system, we can connect our products to almost anything.  Our suite of HL7 tools allows us to handle any type of HL7 message, regardless of version or format, and if that doesn't fit, we have plenty of experience in "rolling our own" to make the connection.
    • Application development - Our open architecture was designed from the beginning to support additional modules, most of which we haven't even thought of.  Anything that remotely touches the workflow of our Nexus can be integrated into our system.
    • Mobile development - Because we use a state-of-the-art development platform (JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3 with C# .NET) and clearly separate our layers in the MVC pattern, we can leverage most of what we write for desktops in our mobile development, saving you time and money.  

Consulting Services

    • Implementation - Adopting a new system is fraught with risk without careful planning.  We help you mitigate that risk by adhering to best practices in pre-rolllout communication, implementation, and training.  Throughout each phase of your solution lifecycle our implementation team works with you to target your objectives, track your progress, and measure the benefits to your organization.

      Our experience and knowledge of industry best practices enables us to optimize your workflow in the shortest possible time. By choosing the best possible solution, we avoid reinventing the wheel, saving you time and money. Equally important, we’re familiar with most of the challenges that may arise when implementing our solutions and already know how to work through them.
    • Analytics and reporting - It's not enough to collect the data, nor enough to have the best analytics and reporting tools available.  At some point, you're going to need help thinking through your data to understand what problem you are trying to solve.  Our team has intimate knowledge of our products' schema and can save you valuable time getting to the result you want.

Training and Support Services

      • Training - We have worked with enough people to know which training methodologies work, and which don't.  We want to make sure that when we have finished an implementation, or when we leave a new-employee training session that we leave behind skilled users that add to your organization's productivity and bottom line.  We always follow up with tips and tricks, and new information for our users to keep them engaged in the product.  A combination of blog entries, "What's New" pages, and onsite visits keeps us in touch with users.
      • Support - Our goal as product support providers is to be the place where users want to go for help, not a resource of last resort.  We provide live people at our end of the phone who are capable, cheerful, and anxious to solve problems.  If we can't solve it by talking, we use amazing tools like GoToAssist to log into remote computers and see just what the user is seeing.