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Vaccine Manager Updated for COVID-19 Support

We know how important it is for you to provide a safe and healthy environment for your patient and employee populations and that you take the monitoring of your workforce immunization compliance seriously. Our Vaccine Manager is a complete immunization management module that increases the power of your medical surveillance programs.
In addition to individual employee-patients’ immunization records, the Vaccine Manager supports your mass immunization clinics, like for the seasonal flu. It also supports distributed immunization through your department liaisons and occupational health service clinic to ensure that you can drive immunization compliance in every way possible.

Updated to Support Mass Flu Clinics in the COVID-19 World

As we start mass flu clinics where past processes gathered a thousand or more patients in lines for efficient immunization, the need for social distancing has changed everything. In response, HealthRx has introduced two new components to ensure that clinics are run to support social distancing by allowing patients to log on prior to appearing in the clinic to complete their consent form and schedule an appointment from a tightly-governed set of slots created based on available immunizers, physical space, and distancing requirements.

Boarding Pass - This feature allows the patient to complete a consent form online so that patient contact in the mass clinic is minimized. A quick scan of the employee badge or printed Boarding Pass barcode documents everything necessary for the encounter without interacting with the patient to gather information. On immunization, the patient medical record is updated instantly and notifications are made with instructions for downloading the enterprise compliance document.

To further reduce contact with the Occupational Health Service, patients can now upload documentation for immunizations received elsewhere or for contraindications, allowing them to become compliant based on an optional medical review.

Self-scheduling - This addition allows a patient, after completing the Boarding Pass, to schedule an appointment in the mass clinic. The underlying set of available appointments is set to ensure social distancing in the clinic based on available immunizers (governing throughput) and the physical layout of the clinic. An optional feature can give hidden preference to Healthcare Providers who are required to be immunized so that the needs of shift workers with limited availability can be served.

A full array of features are available to support appointing including text and/email notifications and the ability to cancel and reschedule. All patient-created appointments are tightly integrated with the Nexus Clinical Access Manager so administrators across the enterprise have visibility into the workload, throughput, and other important patient appointing metrics.

Securely Access Vaccine Manager from Anywhere

Our Vaccine Manager is a secure, web-based program that is accessible from anywhere in your organization using Single Sign-on or two-factor authentication to restrict access to your organization’s employees and keep employee-patient data safe and secure. With Vaccine Manager, you and your employees, supervisors, supervisor proxies, and OHS oversight staff can access a single portal to enter vaccine record data, track compliance, run reports and send email notifications, and fetch official immunization documentation.

Enhance Your Medical Surveillance Programs and Medical Records

Vaccine Manager enhances your medical surveillance programs by adding:

  • Complex immunization schedules
  • Pre-employment immunizations (HepB, MMR, Tdap, Varicella)
  • Annual immunizations and surveillance (seasonal flu, TB)
  • Work-related immunizations (anthrax, vaccinia, etc.)
  • Boosters
  • Automated recalls

When one of your health care providers is tracking an immunization given, Vaccine Manager automatically and immediately delivers a confirmation email to the employee with instructions for logging on to a secure employee-patient portal to retrieve copies of formal, signed immunization documentation, and asks the recipient to fill out an electronic survey to provide near-real-time feedback facilitating corrections in the individual or mass clinic process. Your clinic staff can make improvements to the mass clinic on the fly, making even more of your employees happy!

Unlimited Users and Data

Do you have a large organization? Vaccine Manager can handle unlimited volumes of users and data while maintaining a high level of security without sacrificing accessibility.

Mass Immunization Clinics

Vaccine Manager supports your organization’s mass immunization clinics by providing efficient, safe, and pleasant high-throughput immunization scenarios by validating eligibility with an employee badge scan or preprinted “boarding pass,” collecting consent form data via tablet device, and exporting the immunization data to the employee’s patient record instantly. With our Vaccine Manager, you keep traffic moving and reduce total wait, check-in, and immunization time to under five minutes. Your employees will not only be compliant – they will be thrilled with your efficiency!

The Vaccine Manager’s mass clinic functionality sends confirmation emails, provides a secure employee-patient portal to retrieve copies of formal, signed immunization documentation, and enables the recipient to fill out an electronic survey to provide near-real-time feedback facilitating corrections in the mass clinic process.
In our larger customer organizations, Vaccine Manager is used in yearly mass clinics immunizing more than 14,000 employee-patients in a season. The rave reviews from vaccinated employees have boosted the image of the Occupational Health Services clinics at the organizations and have increased vaccine compliance to 100%!

Drive Compliance

In organizations with health care and other workers with patient contact, Vaccine Manager can drive immunization compliance by matching immunization records against extracted lists of employees you have mandated to be compliant. A variety of compliance tools ensure that supervisors and department managers are kept informed about the state of their direct report compliance in order to intervene as necessary. This takes the pressure off of clinical staff for enforcing compliance.

We perfected the technology in our Vaccine Manager at the National Institutes of Health, and we were proud to provide the first product to support a new notion of the importance of driving compliance in the health care environment to protect immunocompromised patients from potentially infected workers. The NIH was able to be a leader and innovator in mandatory vaccination compliance campaigns, and we even co-authored a paper on it: Palmore, T. N., et al. (2009). A successful mandatory influenza vaccination campaign using an innovative electronic tracking system. Infection Control in Hospital Epidemiology, 30(12), 1142-42.

Employee-Patient Records and Compliance

Though an interface with your organization’s HR system, employee records are connected to Vaccine Manager records that specify what immunization surveillance programs an employee is mandated to be compliant in (e.g., new-hire requirements, seasonal flu (each year), Tdap, TB screening, etc.) based on your organization’s policy, with additional programs added based on specific “works with” guidelines.

The surveillance program records connected to each employee are then individually linked to required data for each program. For example, you may require that new-hires demonstrate proof of having received certain vaccinations (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, hepatitis B, and Tdap). In Vaccine Manager, compliance is based on proof of vaccination (scanned and uploaded to the system), a vaccination during the onboarding process, or documentation of a “compliant” resulted titer. Until all required immunizations are documented, this employee will appear on noncompliance lists for the specific surveillance program(s), for whatever action policy dictates. You can be assured that only compliant employees are working in your organization, therefore, lowing your risk of workplace incidents.

Annual programs work similarly. For example, an annual TB screen may be required at your organization. Since not every employee was first screened on the same day, they will come due for screening at different times. A specific employee being compliant is determined by having a TST placed and read (negative) within 12 months of the last test. It is more complicated than this, of course, and the screening may be an IGRA or a positive TST may result in a chest X-ray, but the point is that whatever the local rules are that define compliance are managed in Vaccine Manager so that you will be able to run a report at any time that has up-to-date status for all employees.


  • Nexus can send mass emails to employees in your organization about upcoming immunization compliance related items (e.g. Flu Program).
  • With immunization compliance criteria configured in the system, automatic noncompliance emails can be sent at a set frequency (e.g. weekly, semi-monthly).
  • At the request of the organization and with consent from the IT Security team, Nexus can “spoof” the clinic’s email address send all system-generated emails from that email address to increase visibility.
  • Notifications can pull information specific to the employee receiving the notification, such as due dates, enrolled programs, locations, and compliance requirements.
  • Emails can include attachments, such as Vaccine Information Sheets, Clinic information, etc.
  • Per CDC Guidelines for dose schedules, notifications can be delayed until a patient is eligible/due for their next dose; dose tracking is 100% managed by system.
  • Notifications can be manually deferred if an employee is out on leave, on vacation, or for any other reason that would require notifications to be paused.

Vaccine Inventory Tracking

  • Vaccine Inventory is captured in the system (including manufacturer, lot number, product, initial and remaining amounts, location, CVX Codes, and requestor details).
  • Vaccine inventory automatically decrements each time a vaccine is recorded, so admins have an accurate count of available inventory at any time.
  • With the ability to report on the number of influenza vaccine types given during flu season (e.g. High Dose, Egg-Free), clinics can predict the amount of each type needed during future flu programs.

Be More Efficient

To ensure that you are getting work done in the fastest, smartest way, we use a highly efficient and streamlined workflow for capturing immunization data. Our guided data entry design reduces errors by providing on-the-fly editing. Any data field that can be represented with a restricted list of options (as opposed to free form data entry) or bounded in any way helps to ensure data integrity, improving confidence in subsequent reports. If your organization uses bar code scanners in departments, you can quickly scan the employee’s badge for record lookup. You will see the greatest value of barcode scanning in mass clinics where scanning the badge verifies eligibility and ties the individual to an employee-patient record with no further entry.


  • Enrollment in each immunization program can be determined by multiple employee demographic factors, including hire date, department, work location, job code, school/Center, primary/secondary jobs, and employee type.
  • As employees move to new roles throughout the organization or new hires start, enrollment logic will automatically enroll them in the immunization programs for which they meet the enrollment criteria.
  • Immunizations and lab tests can be added for any employee, regardless of enrollment, but notifications can be configured so only the enrolled/required employees will receive them.

System Interfaces

Vaccine Manager can easily connect to your existing systems through interfaces, including HL7 and other interface standards. We interface with your HR system, lab system, enterprise EHR, and other local systems through a variety of real-time interfaces. We use a number of strategies for interconnection, based on the target system capabilities. These include sending and receiving messages in various formats (e.g., HL7) typically using SOAP to and from web service endpoints. We have, however, improvised using unconventional techniques, even receiving ADT messages using printer output sent to a monitored IP address.

Reporting and Data

A major factor in driving compliance is knowing where you stand, and your OHS must be able to have accurate immunization data readily available to its leadership, regulatory and accreditation agencies, supervisory staff, and employees at any time with the assurance that the data is accurate and there is a high rate of compliance. Our reporting capabilities deliver compliance metrics in a variety of ways, and our included Analytics tool allows for ad hoc views of data.

Dozens of reports are available for you to use - all of which serve to drive compliance. All reports can be output in PDF, Word or Excel (for incorporation into more comprehensive analyses), or plain text. These are a few examples of report types that you can run right out of the box. Most of these reports can be generated bounded by some parameter such as date, department, location, employee type, immunization type, etc.:

  • Daily Mass Clinic Numbers by Location
  • Employees Noncompliant in Program by Department
  • Employees Due for TST This Month
  • Employees Noncompliant in New-hire Programs by Department
  • National Health Safety Network (NHSN) Reports
  • Compliance Contact reporting allows clinic managers to set up users as department-level contacts to manage employee compliance for one or n number of departments.
  • Role-Based Reporting allows supervisors and department level compliance contacts to download their own reports of their employees’ compliance directly from the portal without relying on the clinic staff to create and send reports.
  • Nexus offers a large library of standard compliance reports, which are customizable to meet customer needs. Supervisor and Compliance Contact reports are kept PHI-free to ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • With the way data is captured in our system, reports can show user logs for QA (e.g. the name of the person logged in who entered the record, the date and time of record creation, the date and time of the record update, etc.)

Employee-Patient Engagement

Employee-patient engagement is a major part of ensuring compliance and keeping your workers safe. Vaccine Manager increases employee-patient engagement in multiple ways to reach your population. Prior to immunization, you can send a reminder email or a series of emails to notify and inform employee-patients. After immunization, whether in a mass clinic or on an individual basis, the employee-patient is automatically emailed a link to retrieve documentation and a link to a satisfaction survey. The survey allows you to make changes to processes and service in real time in order to best serve your population. Further, at any time, they can log in to a personal self-service portal for documentation retrieval, medical record viewing, appointment scheduling, OHS provider emailing, and information retrieval based on your organization’s needs.

Employee-Patient Portal

An employee-patient’s view of the portal contains only data relevant to that specific employee. Though this person would primarily use the portal to retrieve immunization documentation, he or she can also view compliance status in whatever programs they are enrolled in, manage OHS appointments, and engage in secure emails with an OHS provider. Typical immunization data includes records of new-hire requirements, annual requirements, and special work-related enrollments.

You are also able to place informational documents in the employee-patient portal, such as fliers, health tips, and guides.

Save Time

You and your OHS staff have plenty of important work to do, so Vaccine Manager automates much of the vaccine tracking, compliance monitoring, and documentation processes – now you can have a substantial reduction in intensive labor spent by OHS staff in monitoring and communicating compliance to supervisors and employees, as well as a reduction in time spent by supervisors in reviewing compliance data of their employees. This means more time for providing care.

Manage Recalls and Notifications

Vaccine Manager can fully manage your vaccination and immunization recalls automatically using customized emails. With an interface to your organization’s HR system, we also know who is no longer employed, and who is on extended leave so you always have the correct list of recalled employees. Here are a few scenarios that are handled easily by the system:

  • Send email to all employees due for TB screening next month – the content can be anything, but it might be a schedule of when TST Place/Read clinics will be set up by OHS, or a request to see department liaison for service. Only employees meeting the criteria (rules) of the recall will be notified.
  • Send email to all employees and their supervisors who are out of compliance in the TB program. It may be that you want to send a different email for those more than 60 days out of compliance. The rules manager handles that nicely.
  • Send email with an attached report of their noncompliant employees to supervisors to drive compliance.

These emails are created and linked to rules using our Email Manager, which you can use to fully customize your emails and rules for sending them. Along with these recall notifications, you can create any other notification email to send to your population through Vaccine Manager. These emails are completely customizable with the Email Manager tool, including these following options:

  • Formatting, insertion of tokens (Patient Name, surveillance program type)
  • Attachment of information documents
  • Real-time compilation of reports (e.g., an email to a supervisor can have listing of non-compliant employees in any or all programs)


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