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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting doesn’t have to be hard! Our Reports Manager connects to all of our products and allows you to upload custom reports to the system at any time. Reports Manager assists you in designed reports using an interface that anybody familiar with the usual desktop tools can use.

Easy Access to Your Data

Any report can then be exported to PDF, Excel or Word, JPG, or Rich Text Format (RTF), which means that you can use data from your Nexus products in any other system that supports input from these file types.  For example, if you receive a request to provide a spreadsheet of all active researchers to be used to populate an existing system, you would simply design a quick report and output it to Excel. Once built, any report can be added to your library. 

Ad Hoc Reporting

For ad hoc reporting, where you need to explore the data and produce findings (e.g., drill down on injury reports to find out where specific types of injuries were showing a spike), you can use the Reports Manager or dive even deeper into your data with our Analytics tool.


Analytics uses the power of pivot tables to give you the control to view and analyze data dynamically instead of predicting which library reports will be needed in the future. In addition to the rich data analysis within the pivot grid, Analytics gives you the ability to reduce complicated dataset information into succinct and summarized visual reports. Once the view is just right, it can be saved to a public or private library to serve as a starting point for a future report. Data available to Analytics come from all defined data fields within the various products of our Nexus suite.  Like with Reports Manager, any report created in Analytics can be exported to Excel for further refinement, or as-is to PDF, Word, JPG, and Rich Text Format (RTF).

Drag and Drop

In Analytics, you can drag and drop data to build pivot tables –  including filters –  for data mining and multi-dimensional analysis. Information can be efficiently “sliced and diced” to provide answers to ad hoc questions, allowing data to be viewed from all angles to answer business questions and provide insights into daily operations in your organization.

Flexible Analysis and Reporting

Analytics provides different levels of detail for flexible analysis and reporting, showing only the detail necessary. The hierarchical display provides expandable and collapsible child groups for both raw and summarized views and reports. Automatic and manually-calculated totals can be placed at the end of each row and column or for any value group. Data can be sorted and filtered easily to manipulate reports. Custom queries and reports can be stored for future use in libraries of templates that are easily controlled to limit use to a user, a particular set of roles, or for public organizational access. Your abilities are limitless with the power of our Analytics.

Use your reporting and analytics tools for:

  • Creating and sending reports to others in your organization
  • Outputting data to be used in another system
  • Creating a library of reports you can come back to time and time again
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Detailed analysis using pivot tables and filters to answer business questions
  • Flexible data manipulation

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With over 25 years of passionate presence in life sciences research and clinical medicine, Nexus has evolved as the most powerful and flexible research portfolio management, safety, and occupational health system on the market.

Kelly V. Morgan, PhD, CEO Tsirona Health

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