HealthRx’s powerful Nexus tools securely deliver value
across the spectrum of biomedical research and clinical
medicine because they were developed for — and with —
clinicians, researchers, and practitioners.
  • PI-Dashboard

    HealthRx’s PI‑Dashboard securely connects research stakeholders to increase safety and efficiency, streamline submission and approval, and enhance customer service for researchers. Its paperless registration management is both secure and accessible saving time, money, and space — and gets research online faster. PI‑Dashboard empowers PIs to securely track and manage research and inventory, including biological material, animals, hazardous chemicals, and radioisotopes, so they can focus on research.

  • Workplace Injury & Illness Manager

    Workplace Injury & Illness Manager securely tracks and manages injury and illness reports from first healthcare provider encounter through investigation by safety staff — and reveals these accidents’ true costs. It displays reports in a single searchable, secure, role-based view that separates and monitors safety staff into easily-assignable groups. Users can also view, edit, or close reports, assign reports to investigators, or approve investigated and closed reports. All activity is logged and auditable for later review and action.

  • Medical Surveillance Manager

    Medical Surveillance Manager protects staff from nontraditional risks with EMR and surveillance programs designed for the research workplace, while protecting their privacy with strong security. It records virtually any type of patient data by securely connecting to HealthRx’s Clinical Access Manager or to in‑house EMR and legacy modules. MSM reduces paperwork by creating and customizing forms to document changing protocols and can serve as an effective and secure stand-alone for any clinic.

  • Lab Safety Manager

    HealthRx’s Lab Safety Manager hybrid system allows safety personnel to inspect any type of lab simply and quickly while transitioning securely and seamlessly between their desks and labs. LSM connects data on people, places, and equipment participating in research to ensure labs are inspected and cleared based on actual use. LSM stands alone and easily connects easily and safely to PI-Dashboard to conduct lab surveys and manage survey, tracking, and productivity data.

  • Clinical Access Manager & EMR

    HealthRx’s powerful Clinical Access Manager provides secure easy-to-use scheduling, patient tracking, charge capture, documentation, and administration for organizations of all sizes. It streamlines patient flow by allowing staff to safely schedule patients directly from their workstations. CAM works in conjunction with Medical Surveillance Manager to sync surveillance and medical data with visit data to provide protected access to robust — and searchable — patient histories.

  • Vaccine Manager

    HealthRx’s Vaccine Manager securely records and tracks vaccination data and creates comprehensive reports for multiple concurrent vaccination efforts. It’s scalable to any size organization and can interface between databases to leverage contact information, employment status, and other data. Vaccine Manager even accepts both bar code scans and keystroke data entry, making list maintenance as easy as entering a name in a search field.

  • Data Analytics

    HealthRx Analytics uses the power of pivot tables to give you the control to view and analyze data securely and dynamically instead of predicting which canned reports will be needed in the future. In addition to the rich data analysis within the pivot grid, Analytics gives users the ability to reduce complicated dataset information into succinct and summarized visual reports. Users also have the option of exporting pivot data to instant cross-tab reports in PDF, Excel, and HTML formats.

  • Survey Tailor

    HealthRx Survey Tailor is the linchpin of our Nexus. All applications are comprised of sets of forms of one kind or another, and Nexus is no different. Forms are built from a collection of questions, and questions can be of various types. The problem Survey Tailor solves is the need to support forms that change over time without losing the integrity of data collected by previous versions of a form. With Survey Tailor you can create whatever input you need which will be supported in the workflow framework of Nexus!

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